A.R.M.S (Accounts Receivable Management Service)

Excellent low cost pre-collection system, designed to keep accounts current without commission costs when paid within 20 days to you. A.R.M.S is an alternative to placing accounts to full collection, however you must have a good address to supply to us on the A.R.M.S voucher when you submit it to us.

– Our A.R.M.S service process –

Client purchases an ARMS book and completes one voucher for each customer. This can be forwarded to our office by email, fax or regular mail. Please check box 1 or box 2 at the top of the voucher to advise us how you are proceeding with the account after the 20 day cycle if payment is not received by you.

The account is set up in our pre-collection system which generates a Past Due Notice followed by a Final Demand Notice (10 days later) to your delinquent customer. We enclose a return envelope requesting payment in full be made directly to you.

Client advises our office quoting the ARMS voucher number of payment(s) received within this 20 day cycle. Any payment received during this cycle is yours 100%. No commission will apply. You are responsible to report payments during the cycle.

If the account did not get paid during the 20 day ARMS cycle and you have checked box 1 it is immediately assigned for full collection services. You are required to provide full document back-up with the ARMS voucher submission. Commission will now apply. This option demonstrates your seriousness to the debtor to collect the account in full.

If you checked box 2 no further action will be taken on our part. If you decide to place the account for full collections at a later date simply call us and we will open the account. You will be required to provide full document back-up at this point.

ARMS books are available in 3 sizes for your convenience. They do not expire.

During the pre-collection ARMS cycle the letters are instructing your client to contact you directly.

Please Note: It is your responsibility to take debtor calls and report payments to us.

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