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About Our Agency

Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. is a licensed, locally owned agency that has been professionally handling debt recovery for over 35 years.

We are the leading collection agency for debt collection and recovery. Located in the heart of Central Ontario, just north of Toronto, we specialize in collecting consumer and commercial accounts at the lowest possible cost. Long term steady growth has been our reward for consistently providing good service to our loyal creditors. For over 35 years, our dedicated staff have been building upon the original foundation set by management, and making improvements along the way, which has helped to secure our position as the undisputed leader in Canadian collections. We minimize your risk of further cost in the collection process because we only get paid when the account is collected.


Our agency is representing your business. We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients are represented by the most professional account managers.


We do not use automatic dialers or complicated telephone answering systems. When you call our office during business hours, you will be connected directly to a Credit Bureau Collections representative.


We conduct our business, and report with accuracy. We understand the roots of our company lie in the information services market, and understand the need to respect individual privacy.


We are upfront with our competitive pricing. Many agencies that offer lower commission fees employ a method of skimming that only provides results on the easiest of accounts. You can rest assured that our agency will work hard to provide returns on even the toughest of accounts.

Services We Provide

Third Party Collections

This service assigns the collection to one of our highly skilled collection team members. Each account is worked regularly via letter service, phone, and email, within the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services guidelines.  If payment is not received within the allotted timeframe, the debt may be reported to the credit history file of the owing party.  We are licenced information providers for Equifax and TransUnion, and maintain access to the credit bureaus, assisting us in the collection process. 

Pre Collect ARMS Service

Our proprietary Accounts Receivable Management Service may be the first step in retrieving your outstanding payment. Each ARMS voucher entitles you to a 20-day service in which we send 2 timed letters on our Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. letterhead.  This is a pre-third party collection service that alerts your delinquent client, that Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. have been notified regarding the debt.  We instruct the debtor to pay you directly, before further action is taken.

The Credit Bureau Advantage

Currently, we have over 50 years of collection experience in our office, helping us stay one step ahead of delinquent accounts.

Provided proper documentation is submitted, accounts over $50 that are assigned to Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. are reported to Equifax and TransUnion. This powerful tool assists us in recovering delinquent accounts from people that may have avoided, or blocked, all correspondence. Many times, we are contacted by someone who has applied for credit and can only proceed once the debt has been addressed. We also maintain complete access to those networks for referencing information to assist us in recovering your delinquent accounts.

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