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About our Services:

Collection Philosophy - We Collect Accounts.

At Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. our collection agents always emphasize Payment in Full right from the very first contact with the consumer. In order to facilitate payment in full, we offer a number of different payment options such as Visa or MasterCard by phone. We accept payments electronically in our agency via Western Union and Internet Online Banking. We offer debit card service at our payment counter in Barrie. We service local clients in the Barrie, Bracebridge, Collingwood, Midland, Orillia, Peterborough, Lindsay, Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Bancroft, North Hastings, Brampton, Cambridge, Guelph, Muskoka, Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Parry Sound Regions of Ontario. This is our primary service area, however we collect accounts anywhere in Canada and the USA.

New business is input to our system every day whether assigned electronically or by fax or by mail. An audit report is generated with every new business batch before the accounts are confirmed as new business to ensure that the information and balances correspond with the new business in that batch.

To assign accounts for collection with our agency, please click here. Please print the document then complete it and fax or scan and email to us along with supporting documents such as invoices or signed agreements.

In addition to our standard collection assignment form, we also have assignment forms available for:

  • Dental Services
  • Property Management Services
  • Utility/Gas/Hydro
  • Veterinary Services

      Pre-Collection Letter Service (ARMS)

      Much of the success of Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. lies in our Pre-Collection Letter Services. Our ARMS (Accounts Receivable Management Service) provides many businesses large and small with an affordable Pre-Collection Letter service.

      Customers send in lists of accounts receivable either by fax or by electronic mail and Credit Bureau Collections immediately sends one of its Pre-Collection letters to the debtor.

      The result of the debtor receiving a letter from Credit Bureau Collections is most often positive due to the reference to the Credit Bureau credit history file. We provide a return envelope for payment directly back to our client with every Pre-Collection letter. Letter programs can be completely customized to your specifications. We can send as many letters as you wish with such frequency as you deem necessary. Our experience tells us that two letters ten days apart will achieve the highest level of success at the lowest possible cost.

      The Credit Bureau Advantage

      All accounts over $100.00 that are assigned to Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. are listed directly on the Credit Bureau credit history file of the person or company we are collecting from. We report delinquent accounts to both Equifax and TransUnion. This powerful tool assists us in recovering delinquent accounts from people we cannot find. Many times we are contacted by someone from Vancouver or Halifax that has applied for credit and been turned down because of our third party collection information on the credit history file. Even though we were unable to locate the person, the credit history file stands by waiting like a silent skip tracer. Also we maintain complete access to those networks for drawing information to assist us in recovering your delinquent accounts.

      Tracing and Locating

      When it comes to skip tracing, our agency brings our competition to its knees. We utilize the very latest methods and techniques for tracing your accounts. Our agents have the ability to access telephone listings by address, name, or even postal code. If your customer has an unusual name chances are we can find a relative in minutes. More locates translates into more dollars collected for you. We also have the ability to search Assessment Office records on-line as well as market value assessments and trade style searches right from our desk.

      Privacy Legislation

      Effective January 1, 2004, The Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act included all businesses and organizations. In a nutshell, your organization is required to obtain your customer's consent before you can collect and use personal information such as dates of birth, SIN's and other information. The only type of information that is not considered "Personal Information" is your customer's name, address and phone number. To see more information about this important Federal Act, please visit the Privacy Commissioner's website.

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